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Shattered Perspectives

Shattered Perspectives


Standing alone in a nearby field next to my home, something shiny caught my eye.

Like a deer mesmerized by oncoming headlights, I immediately stopped mid-step. Cautiously I put my foot down only to see hundreds of pieces of what was once, I suppose, a beautiful mirror, shattered into razor-sharp shards now laying at my feet.

Some pieces reflected the day’s beautiful sky back to me.

Others lay hidden behind grass, afraid to tell their story.

Others lay face down with no reflection—only a blank slate, an untold reason for their shattering.

After many years of pain and silence, author and blogger AJ Luck is ready to tell the personal story of her quest for meaning, acceptance, and God through her trials.

It’s wild what we run from sometimes, isn’t it? It’s also just as wild what we don’t run from?

In her new book, AJ spent many hours struggling to tell her story, all the time wondering whether her words would encourage or inspire. Would her story matter? What if people rejected her story; or worse, what if they rejected her? And, if people rejected the story, would that somehow invalidate the journey she has traveled so far in life to reach the place where she is finally accepted?

Her life was full of mistakes, failures, abuse, rejection, divorce, abandonment, brokenness, and horrible choices. Would she be willing to lay it all out for the world to see? Her heart had been shattered into hundreds of razor-sharp edges, just like the beautiful mirror she saw in the field next to her home, with one essential difference — her heart was not just an inanimate object on the ground.

Finally, after many years of constructing walls to hide behind, AJ found she was ready to walk around the corner and finally speak up.

Shattered Perspectives: Seeing God Beyond Broken Dreams, Fears, and Failures available online NOW! (Click here to order)