This past week has been a pretty intense one as far as posts for me…so, let’s have some fun.

With tomorrow being Christmas Eve…I am sure the mall parking lots are packed, last minute shoppers rushing out to find the best deals…the thought of the mall traffic alone freaks me out.

Can we just say THANK YOU EBay and this year for helping out with the holiday shopping!!! Woo- Hoo!!

What about you? Is YOUR Christmas shopping done? 

I am sure our house will be filled with aromas of some of our favorite foods ….and the t.v. will be blaring with some of our favorite holiday movies and laughter..

Favorite holiday foods? Mine? Shredded chicken and gravy sandwiches and a cream cheese ball with chipped beef and onions….mmmm mmmm…also…anything that has an ungodly amount of sugar of course.

Favorite movies: (Holiday edition) The Polar Express, Elf and of course Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer

 and Frosty the Snowman.  What about YOU? What’s yours?

I am really looking forward to sharing this season with the ones I love the most.

I hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!- and if you live in the Nashville, TN area…keep an eye open…rumor has it we very well may have a WHITE CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!  :)

I am officially signing off for the Christmas Holiday but will return for the last few days of the 2010 year.

before I go….please remember:

*  if you can, please take a moment out this Christmas and remember those that may not be in a warm home or surrounded by loved ones..say a prayer for them, extend an act of grace or generosity…sometimes the smallest gesture may be someones greatest gift this year.*

Be safe, have fun  and most of all…be thankful that Jesus truly is the greatest gift of all.

Until next time,

See ya on the Random Side,


“Winging our way to the coast…..”

Any idea what movie this line is from?

THAT THING YOU DO! (one of my favorites in case you were wondering.)

Up until  May of this year I had never stepped foot anywhere on the west coast.

Tate and I received an invitation to come out and visit The LA Dream Center as well as

It has taken over a month to mentally digest all that we experienced while there.

The dream center in and of itself is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ministry. This being said from someone who is VERY skeptical of any “ministry related” programs etc. I went in expecting the same level of head games and hypocrisy that I have been used to in the past. What I saw was HOPE. I saw broken people believing in themselves again. I saw the administrative side of the ministry and the hearts these people have …. genuine. They truly are the hands and feet of God. I can’t go into all that they do but I highly recommend that you click into the link and take a look. ( You won’t be disappointed.)

We were given a personal tour of the entire facility by pastor Matthew Barnett. The man never stopped smiling. As he walked with us, along with 20 or so other christian radio/media representives, he would stop random residents and ask them to share their testimonies with us.

At first I thought it was odd to put these people on the spot like that. The more I listened the more I realized it’s in sharing that hope comes.

We met a couple who were down to their last dollar and homeless with EIGHT children. As they were walking up the sidewalk, the wife mentions to her husband to go “this way.” They end up at the Dream Center, which they had never heard of…long story short…they were taken in, given food and shelter and a second chance. They had approached the court systems earlier in the journey and was advised that “if they would divorce then the system could support them better.” HOW SAD. A family of TEN – told that they could offer them help if they would consider divorce.

Broke my heart. The family still resides there, they are getting back on their feet with the help of the center. Their children are doing well and they are once again not only healthy but hopeful.

The stories go on. There was another woman we met…who strangely enough was from FRANKLIN, TN.

She had four children and was married to a man who she later discovered was a pedophile.

He was abusive to her and her children- She found courage and called her brother in Los Angeles. Long story short, her and her children arrived at the Dream Center…they were offered food, shelter, care, and hope. The woman was later asked if she could do anything without worrying about the money, what would she want to do. Her response?

To be a chef…thanks to the generous hearts and hands of the center…she is now in school learning her craft that she once only dreamed of pursuing.

The stories go on and on ..So encouraging.

We were actually able to partake in some of the hands on missions that they offer. The particular group that I went with was a mobile food truck. The truck was loaded with over 2,000 pounds of food. Fresh potatoes, onions, grapes, canned beans, spinach, and more…we were off to East LA. We went into two of the poorer neighborhoods where hundreds of people were standing in line on the sidewalk waiting patiently. We sorted the food into grocery bags and handed them out to each person standing in line. There were others in the team who walked in the crowd, greeting them and offering prayer if they would like.

I know we were there for them…but they truly changed me.

There really is TRUE joy when you give to others…even if it’s just a prayer, a hug, a listening ear…or a bag of groceries.

I have so much more to share…but ya have to tune in tomorrow for more of the story….

INCLUDING – Dream Records artists. Press Play. I’m OK. Your OK. Petree. Coffey. Michael Sarver and more.

Until then

See ya on the random side!


Magical Medical Mysteries…

I have been waiting for the perfect “topic” to break back into the blogging world with and by George….I finally have it!

Yes, I know it’s February 2010. Where have I been? On a hiatus? Kind of. I have been ……lingering around waiting for the “magic” to happen…and it did.

As some of you may or may not know I had a great welcome to the 2010 year. I began having horrible migraines and blurry vision. This got me a trip to the ophthalmologist then a neurologist, then a surgeon, then an ENT….

Long story short I had a build up of spinal fluid that my body was over producing then not getting rid of…causing all the fun blurry vision headache things. This was discovered by an MRI then a lovely spinal tap..(Incase you are wondering, Spinal taps….nope! Not fun. Not fun to see vials of fluid that are YOUR fluid from your back being taken away from you…) As I was laying flat on my belly holding onto “surgical handlebars” on the operating table….I wanted to scream… “Hey! That’s my fluid.” But I thought better of it… It was a very weird experience though.

A follow up with my neurologist came the news… “We did discover a mass behind your nose on the MRI.”
Good times.
A mass?
A mass of what per say…I am a writer with a pretty colorful imagination so hearing the word “mass” was not very appealing to me.

This won me a trip to the ENT. (Ear, nose and throat Guru.) – I added guru to make it sound more official.

When filling out my medical information I felt it very important to tell him that when I was younger, as in under the age of 10 I remember having my adenoids out THREE times cause….their magic and they like to grow back.

(For those of you reading and wondering if it is normal for adenoids to grow back …at all…the answer is NO…not at all!)

So, sitting here with the guru we were talking then I noticed a really long camera scope thingy laying on the table and knew deep down inside that things were going to get uncomfortable for my nose really soon.

He mentioned he was thinking this mass was probably a tumor; again, not good news.

He had his nurse numb my nose cavities… (I know your thrilled reading this but trust me I am making a point.) 30 seconds later…wa la…guess what kids…My magic is back!

I am THRILLED to say I DO NOT have a tumor. The “mass” was my adenoids making another grand appearance 25 years later.

I have my surgery scheduled to remove them….again…..February 26th. I am totally asking my ENT guru to save them in a jar so I can sell them on eBay….as “Magic Adenoids.”

See… I have had the magic inside all along…. I just didn’t realize it.

So…my question to you is…how has your year been so far? Anything “magical” happen to you yet?

I hope you do have a magical year…just not a weird medical adenoid re growth kind of magic.

Glad to be back
Until next time!