About Aj Luck

I am a wife, a mommy, a daughter, a friend, a Christ follower and a fellow human. I love lots of things- some days more than others. I love to travel with my family and meet new people.

Currently, I am a weekly columnist at www.writewhereithurts.org

I also serve as publicist for Writewhereithurts.org as well as JoannFore.com

I have a heart for the broken and write my columns and posts to encourage them – to remind them they are loved and have purpose in the world!

I maintain an additional blog at www.shatteredperspectives.com geared towards hurting and abused women.

I love the creative and find anyone who is not afraid to stand up and go after their dreams to be a hero.
and most of all… I am truly humbled that you have taken a moment of your day to read my blog. Thank You.

Until Next time,
Aj Luck