Current Projects


Currently, I am a weekly contributing columnist for

I am brutally honest and sometimes painfully transparent as I share pieces of my life in hopes of encouraging others.

My heart breaks for the broken. I want people who have endured abuse of any kind to believe that their past and mistakes- DO NOT DEFINE them!!

The love of their Creator does. They are loved, valued and they DO have purpose in this world.

Thus, why I write. :)

I love it and am simply humbled to have such a wonderful platform to encourage so many.




Currently I am working on a couple of personal writing projects.

The first one is a non fiction project. Actually it’s my personal memoir. In this project I am very honest, sometimes brutally honest about my upbringing, my past and my present.  None of this is being put to the written word to inflate an ego.

All of it has been written with a transparent, sometimes broken heart..with the sole intent on offering hope and encouragement to others who feels as if they are walking this journey all alone.

My prayer is that they would know that they are treasured and valued.. by the very one who Created them.


The second project is a polar opposite from a memoir…It’s a spiritual thriller.

I like to say it has a Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker type vibe but with my own voice of personal experience entertwined throughout the pages.

Fair goal in writing this was not to write another “Christian Book”. My goal was to write a book that would speak to readers with a sense of real life issues and struggles and showing how the battle of good verses evil really does take place..

Readers beware:   It is not for the weak of heart…it is a thriller…not a “friller. :)