Heading back to Cali

As promised, the adventures in LA continue.

Last time, I left off talking about the specific outreach that I participated in while out in Los Angeles at the LA Dream Center. There were actually several..including visiting SKID ROW. (for all of you former 80′s metal hair band fanatics…I am NOT talking about Sebastian Bach and crew.)

Initially I volunteered to go to Skid Row but when the count came around.. I was the only girl in the group and it didn’t look, or feel if I am being honest, right. SO…I bounced over towards the food truck.

Tate ended up visiting families who were in need- their group took them food and supplies as well. They took it a step further. They went into the homes and visited with the people- offering a listening ear, warm hug, or shoulder to cry on.

Tate left feeling so inspired by the people he visited as well. (Once again, we thought we were there for them, but really it was us that took away something from the experience.)

Throughout the rest of the trip we were introduced to another division of the dream center. (www.dreamcenter.org)

Dream Records. (www.dreamrecords.org)  What a great ministry- within a ministry!!!  We toured the studios, heard the songs and the stories, met the artists and staff.  Everyone – amazing. The artists- extremely talented and radically humble. They have messages in their songs more than just meaningful…they are so easy to relate to!

We were invited to join the Dream Center staff at the St. Angelus Temple. (www.angelustemple.org) for an evening worship service with the Dream Records artists leading us in worship. 

 A little history lesson about the temple:

 The temple was built by Aimee Semple Mc Pherson in early 1923. To read a little on Amiee go to www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/aimee_Semple_McPherson  She truly has a fascinating story, to say the least.  Before service we actually took a tour of her home. The parsonage attached to the St. Angelus Temple. If nothing else, I found myself completely fascinated by the mere history of walking through her home. It was filled with actual recordings, flyers announcing her revivals, televised commercials of her conferences,  her clothes, – even crutches, braces etc from actual healing services.   To sit in the very temple that she built so many years ago and participate in a worship service sent chills down my spine.  I thought to myself… “How cool is this..a completely different generation sitting here worshipping the very same God.”

The service was great…the worship was intense…and rocked our socks off! (which I am always a fan of) The message was inspiring as well.

Earlier that day, back at the studios the staff of Dream Records gave  us copies of their artists cd’s to take back with us to listen to and enjoy.  I am happy to report…since we have left LA I have done just that. Infact, I think I have been wearing the cd’s out in my car!

I think I will go a step further and share my thoughts on each one. I suppose it could be called a music review….technically…but remember…it’s just my humble opinion..coming from someone who really enjoys MUSIC!

The first artist that I want to “review” is  Petree. Their CD is entitled “Weakness makes you Beautiful.”

This eleven track CD is a very  textured mix of music. The CD starts out with a Sting vibe mixed in with a little 80′s synthesizer style vibe. The lead singer, Stephen Petree has strong impeccable vocals throughout the entire project. The lyrics are BRILLIANTLY written that puts me in mind of Bono’s writing style.

Throughout the project I could hear such influences as Genesis, Queen and Lynard Skynard.

Track 2- Getting to Know me- LYRICALLY BRILLANT- We saw them perform this live and yes! He really can reach those amazing falsettos. (The hair on my arms stands up just thinking about it.)

Track 4- She Set It- again, beautiful lyrics painting a strong message. This song, according to Stephen Petree, was written to honor his adorable wife.

The title track- Weakness Makes You Beautiful- sounds very similar to early Queen with just enough of Petree’s own uniqueness- leaving the listener inspired.

They also do a flawless of cover of Right Here Right Now- by Jesus Jones that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I can’t wait- great song that puts me in mind of older Genesis with Phil Collins.

By textured with this CD- I say this as a compliment. It’s a project that meets you where your at. Each time I listen (Which is just about every time I am in my car) I hear something new!

I look forward to hearing more from Petree. I truly believe he has only …just broken the ice.

All of this, is simply my humble opinion; BUT I DO HIGHLY recommend this one.

If you enjoy brillantly written lyrics with a tight musical sounds…you will  not be disappointed!

be sure to check them out on Amazon.com


Tune in next time for another review..if you dare! : )

Until next time

See ya on the random side!

Aj Luck

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