Magical Medical Mysteries…

I have been waiting for the perfect “topic” to break back into the blogging world with and by George….I finally have it!

Yes, I know it’s February 2010. Where have I been? On a hiatus? Kind of. I have been ……lingering around waiting for the “magic” to happen…and it did.

As some of you may or may not know I had a great welcome to the 2010 year. I began having horrible migraines and blurry vision. This got me a trip to the ophthalmologist then a neurologist, then a surgeon, then an ENT….

Long story short I had a build up of spinal fluid that my body was over producing then not getting rid of…causing all the fun blurry vision headache things. This was discovered by an MRI then a lovely spinal tap..(Incase you are wondering, Spinal taps….nope! Not fun. Not fun to see vials of fluid that are YOUR fluid from your back being taken away from you…) As I was laying flat on my belly holding onto “surgical handlebars” on the operating table….I wanted to scream… “Hey! That’s my fluid.” But I thought better of it… It was a very weird experience though.

A follow up with my neurologist came the news… “We did discover a mass behind your nose on the MRI.”
Good times.
A mass?
A mass of what per say…I am a writer with a pretty colorful imagination so hearing the word “mass” was not very appealing to me.

This won me a trip to the ENT. (Ear, nose and throat Guru.) – I added guru to make it sound more official.

When filling out my medical information I felt it very important to tell him that when I was younger, as in under the age of 10 I remember having my adenoids out THREE times cause….their magic and they like to grow back.

(For those of you reading and wondering if it is normal for adenoids to grow back …at all…the answer is NO…not at all!)

So, sitting here with the guru we were talking then I noticed a really long camera scope thingy laying on the table and knew deep down inside that things were going to get uncomfortable for my nose really soon.

He mentioned he was thinking this mass was probably a tumor; again, not good news.

He had his nurse numb my nose cavities… (I know your thrilled reading this but trust me I am making a point.) 30 seconds later…wa la…guess what kids…My magic is back!

I am THRILLED to say I DO NOT have a tumor. The “mass” was my adenoids making another grand appearance 25 years later.

I have my surgery scheduled to remove them….again…..February 26th. I am totally asking my ENT guru to save them in a jar so I can sell them on eBay….as “Magic Adenoids.”

See… I have had the magic inside all along…. I just didn’t realize it.

So…my question to you is…how has your year been so far? Anything “magical” happen to you yet?

I hope you do have a magical year…just not a weird medical adenoid re growth kind of magic.

Glad to be back
Until next time!

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