Reality Bytes…

So…tonight at writers group one of the goals I set for myself was to get this bubble popped that seems to be in my way about my book.(in other words…write until this stupid writers block….breaks!)

Another thing that I didn’t mention was I want to set myself a word count goal to do every day… word count goal…I want to shoot for 1000 words a day. I think in addition to my blog and then working on my book…surely I can accomplish this goal. I have to. I need to do this. Here is why…tonight at my writers group we all went around the table and did a get to know kind of conversation. When it came to my turn I mentioned my book that I was working on and gave the typical thirty second spiel that went like this….
“I am currently working on fiction novel based on experience. It’s a spiritual thriller. I was previously in a marriage to a person in ministry and I thought by marrying him I would be closer to God. It ended up – He would praise God in the pulpits and beat me to a pulp behind closed doors. This is a book about abuse and restoration with a thriller style twist.- Kind of like Stephen King meets Jesus.”

Little did I know that one of the other women who were sitting at the table was listening intently…for unknown very good reason. Through conversation throughout the night I made a further comment that I felt like I really needed to get this book out because deep in my heart I know that we never go through anything just for us…that it’s for someone else that we will eventually meet on our journey… and I know that there are other women out there who are in the same situation and need to hear this and that they are loved and valued by their Creator and that He is with them through it all.

Later on I found out that the woman that was listening intently (and don’t get me wrong everyone was listening…) but that she was actually in the same situation years ago…

This is when it became REAL to me. I have been saying this spiel for the past several years…but tonight…tonight this arrested me in my heart and became real.

The woman is precious and has an AMAZING writing gift, skill, talent etc…and such JOY! I made a comment that I was sorry she had been through that horrible time in her life. She smiled and said it was no longer her and she has been given the love of a wonderful husband twice since….God had been wonderful to her in the restorations.

I knew when I looked at her….it was God absolutely apprehending my heart at that moment…she leaned over and said very direct… “Write it!”

And that I shall….it’s no longer about me…honestly, it never has been.
It’s for God…and for the broken women who need to believe once again that they have purpose and they have value…They are the daughters of God..

Tonight I met my reality of destiny and I just can’t say no any longer.

Thanks for listening in,
Until next time,

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