Human Lightening Rods Anyone??!!???

So yesterday, it was the typical hot day here in Florida. My family and I decided to head on down to the pool and go swimming. When we got there, only two other people were there. They weren’t even swimming. They were sitting at a table reading. Okay, so we have the pool all to ourselves! SPLASH! We are having a blast.

I casually look over and notice the sky STARTING to get a little darker. No big deal. Sun was still shining for the most part. We kept playing in the pool. Three more people showed up. OK, cool. Still, no big deal. I glance up at the sky again. GETTING A LITTLE DARKER THAN BEFORE…  I tell my hubby, “This blows my mind, it looks like it is getting ready to storm and more and more people are showing up at the pool.” NO ONE was there when it was SUNNY and HOT – (well, except for us and the bookworms.) Then, I hear a roll of thunder.

FOUR more people show up..and all of them get into the pool.

NO joke, the sky gets darker, the pool gets more crowded. I can’t REALLY judge the others, well, because we are still there too.  The dark clouds are swarming over us and it is looking pretty ominous. Still, no one gets out of the pool. It starts raining. AGAIN, NO ONE gets out. Okay, I’ll admit swimming in the rain is pretty cool. I mean really, what’s gonna happen…OOOPS! You just might get wet!!

Finally, one out of six families decide to pack up and leave. The bookworms are still there. They are wearing hats and sitting under an umbrella. They don’t seem to be bothered in the least. The two couples are hanging by the side of the pool drinking and laughing. Our son is splashing around like Flipper. I am doing handstands (pretending I am six again) and my hubby is treading water in the deep end.

Then it happens.. BAM! CRACK! BOOM!

YOU should have SEEN how FAST we ALL got out of the pool and headed back to our condos of shelter!!! – (EVEN the bookworms.)

The fun was over, God had spoken.. “GET OUT NOW!”-

Once we got home, dried off and settled in, we turned on the news.

Guess what!!??? We had been under a severe thunderstorm warning for the past hour.

Who knew??

I mean, sometimes you just have to be adventurous. However, I CLEARLY draw the line at opting to be a human lightening rod!!

What about you? Ever swam during a storm? Share your story now!!

Until next time,

Catch ya on the Random Side,

Aj Luck

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