Save the world mentality

save the world...After a very hard day today and being told, in a negative tone, that I have a save the world mentality….I have spent the last few hours contemplating that phrase and swallowing back a ton of tears….is it really so bad to have this mentality? I mean seriously, there is a lot of junk in our world and grant it I can not possibly fix everything, self included but doesn’t this mean I have a big heart and want to see the people I care about to be taken care of?? This is how it goes, at least in my head. Maybe I should return back to my old cynical self. Maybe the world would be a better place. Well at least the world would be less of a concern right? I get so tired of people tearing down others, though I am and have been guilty of this. I am tired of people thinking they know everything even though it is grossly apparent they don’t. Again, been guilty of this one too. I want people to believe the best and defend those who they are unable to defend themselves. I want people to reach out and do their part even if it causes discomfort. I want to once again believe people are good. Today it has been a stretch.

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