I met Vain this week…

I met Vain on Christmas afternoon. I found him when I peeled back the electronic pages of my Amazon Kindle.

He was in the middle of doing what he does best…torturing and killing for a price. I found him while reading Luke Romyn’s debut novel…”The Dark Path.” 

From the very beginning I was intrigued.  I wanted to know who this Vain person was.  Was he a person, a demon, or simply  a figment of someone’s imagination??

I was hooked from the first paragraph on. The book is labeled to be a spiritual thriller… I wanted to know why. Actually… I NEEDED to know why. At first I hated this “Vain.” He was doing unimaginable things in cold blood with no remorse. He is someone I would have written off…but Luke Romyn brilliantly continues to pull you into this fascinating story…He made me WANT to keep going…to find out who VAIN really was and why.

The back cover reads:

Vain is an assassin – and he is very, very good at what he does.The underworld cowers at the mere mention of his name and wherever Vain walks, death soon follows.

Vain must battle the evil within his own soul as well as the minions of Sordarrah in order to save the boy from the ritual that will prove the undoing of all of existence. They have no chance at success, and yet they cannot surrender.Will Vain overcome his own instincts and save the boy, or will he condemn him and the entire planet to an eternity of suffering? Will Vain stray from his Dark Path through life? Only time will tell… and that is running out.
This man is the last person on Earth who should be put in charge of the safety of a young boy who could hold the salvation of mankind in his future. This man is more likely to kill the boy than to keep him safe…. This man is the boy’s only chance.

I was finding myself inside this killer’s mind and wanting to know what drove him to this place. The book is brilliantly written…bringing such vivid life to his characters..and mind provoking predicaments…  It has been a very long time since I found myself so involved in a work of fiction.

For a Thriller, this book is so much more…I highly recommend this thought provoking read, you will NOT be disappointed. 

And finally…a THANK YOU to Mr. Romyn…You have truly challenged me to continue in my craft….and UP MY GAME in the Spiritual Thriller genre. I truly look forward to more books from you in the very near future.

Here is where you can find this book. You can also follow Luke Romyn on Twitter…just like his novel…his tweets will not disappoint either!! I promise!!!

Until next time,

See ya on the Random Side,


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