Aj’s health update – day 187. Feeling Froggy?

This sums up how I feel today... Perfectly.

This sums up how I feel today… Perfectly.


So, I logged onto my favorite picture site, (www.morguefile.com) to choose a photo for today’s post. My lil green friend up top there was the first one I saw. He sums up my attitude perfect.


He also serves up a much needed reminder to me to…but more on that later.

It’s been three weeks since my last update. THREE WEEKS! Three weeks is plenty of time to make incredible progress. Three weeks is also a perfect amount of to fall off the wagon,  lay under the tires and get beat down into a self indulgent mud puddle of self pity and old habits.

Need I say which one I chose?

Our family just returned from a week long vacation on beautiful Sanibel Island. I went with the high expectations that I was going to do my morning run on the beach every day and kill it with excellence.

Day one came and went. I looked at the shell laden beach with it’s uneven terrain and freaked out. No running.

I had never really run outside before. I am more of a treadmill kind of gal, ya know.

I mean, after all I HAVE BEEN RUNNING A WHOLE 5 weeks ya know.

Okay so the second morning came. I put on my running shoes and headed to the beach to “conquer my fears.” Earphones in place. Music blarring. Running app started. I began to run. I got exactly two stanzas into the song and stopped running. I was soo mad at myself. I felt like a failure. I let my mind dictate my actions.

I seem to do that a lot lately.

The mind truly is a battlefield.

The upside was, I couldn’t let my great playlist go to waste. I kept walking at the fastest pace I could. I managed to clock in a shade over 3 miles in under an hour. It wasn’t a run, but at least it was movement.

That was the only time I attempted to run during our entire vacation. I did manage to walk one more time. (Although like a idiot- I went at high noon, high heat…) I got in 2.5 miles before I got horribly sick from heat exhaustion and dehydration. I spent the remainder of the afternoon in our air conditioned condo recovering. :(

I ate like I was on vacation. – that’s all I care to admit.

My clothes feel snug.

This morning, BECAUSE I AM COMPLETELY OUT OF MY MIND, I stepped on the scale.

Back to 210. :(

The last time I weighed in was June 26th. I was 206.3


So… I have to get back on track. I reached out to some friends who are having great success with running. One is down 99 pounds and the other is down 60. They have both been doing this a shade over a year. I am finding myself discouraged.

Will I ever see THOSE kind of results????

I feel as if I will never break this 200 mark. Yet, I know I will.

I have learned that this journey IS such a mental battle. MAJOR.

It’s also 90% what I eat and 10% exercise.

I also know that if I give up now, I will feel worse in the future… literally. IN ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE.

So, once again, my lil green friend at the top of this post…says it all.


Fully Rely On God.

Without Him.. I will surely fail.

There is my confession for now.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Until next time,

See ya on the “froggy” side.

Aj Luck

Aj’s health update day 150- knocked down, but not OUT!

I'm STILL in this fight!

I’m STILL in this fight!


Yes, I’m still here- I’ve just had a little set back.

Let me explain.

In 2009 I was officially diagnosed with what is called Pseudo tumor Cerebri. Sounds scary, trust me, I know. Basically what this is – is intracranial pressure. Our bodies have been designed to create spinal fluid and distribute as needed; then discard what is NOT needed.

My body however does NOT have the discarding function. SO the fluid builds up causing cranial pressure. In layman’s terms this means I get INSANE headaches, swollen optic nerves, causing blurry vision and sometimes vision loss.

The first week in May I was starting to suffer these symptoms and I knew all too well the road I was about to take. My headaches were getting worse, as was my vision. I was suffering severe vertigo as well.  Eventually I was taken by ambulance to the ER and admitted for the next four days. They did and emergency spinal tap (something I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND going through… YUCK!) where they proceeded to drain 12 ml’s of spinal fluid off of my spine.

Normally one is supposed to lay completely still for four hours following this procedure. I however got VIOLENTLY sick right afterwards that caused me NOT to be still at ALL!

So- finally settled down thanks to a constant i.v. mixture of phenergan, morphine and dilaudid.

Feel free to google those meds. If you would like the short version- basically I stayed stoned via an i.v. for four days non stop. This was to keep the wicked headaches away. (Yes, I still had them even after the spinal tap.)

After I was released from the hospital my symptoms didn’t clear up right away. (It can take up to a month or more.) I couldn’t work out because of the nausea and vertigo. I could hardly drive for the same reasons. I wasn’t able to cook. This opened the door to a lot of take out and deliveries. SO my health was yucky. I wasn’t exercising. I wasn’t eating healthy at all…. The meds they kept me on, even at home kept me loopy and tired. What else would you expect but for depression to come knocking on my door.

To make the deal even sweeter- I was called into my managers office and was told my assignment had ended. (I work for a temp agency.) I have no doubt my illness and inability to work much in the last few weeks aided this decision. I can not blame them- nor do I.

I’m sad but I know God is still watching out for me and my family.

I’m not going to lie. I’m still on the mend upwards. I’m still battling a HORRIBLE bout of depression. I’m still not making ALL the smartest choices with my food. (Though I am trying.)

I’ve started MAKING myself learn how to run.  I began using an app, last week, called Ease into 5K. It’s not easy but I want to do this. I will do this.

We have cancelled our personal training for now, until the budget gets better. (I.e.- I find more work.)

I may have been knocked down. I may be proverbially bloody and bruised… but I am still in this fight!!!

Until next time,

See ya on the Random Side,

Aj Luck


Aj’s Health Watch day 105- day 2 detox Soup’s ON!

Soup's on!

Soup’s on!

Today is day two of my juice fast/ detox.

Not gonna lie. It’s not even 7p.m. and I am exhausted. I struggled today with focus and really just wanted to crawl back into bed.( According to Joe Cross he felt the same way during this time as well…Guess I am right on track.)

AND.. we had a client bring in a HUGE platter of home made chocolate chip cookies and brownies today. Don’t worry, I passed. But SERIOUSLY!

Then another co worker gave me a large bar of imported dark chocolate.

Sometimes I feel like the enemy of my soul is taunting me. Still, I remained focused and stayed on plan. NO CHEATING.

I hit a wall this afternoon, standing in the kitchen starring at the mason jar filled with green juice. I just couldn’t do it.

I left, went home and made me some SOUP. The picture above is what I mixed together.

Five fresh campari tomatoes, one fresh clove of garlic, one fresh leaf of cilantro, one fresh leaf of basil, one stalk of celery, one red pepper and one yellow pepper, then some oregano mixed with distilled water.

I pressed the “soup” setting on the blendtech and watched it pulverize the ingredients into a steamy hot yummy batch of comforting goodness.

It was the best “tomato” soup I’ve had in my life. I doubt I will ever eat canned tomato soup again. Truth.

It helped.

This morning’s blend was:

spinach, kale, carrots, pineapple, green apple, banana, fresh lemon slices with the peel, ice and water. I have to say it was pretty yummy. The lemon helped A LOT. IT made it very fresh tasting. (zippy too.) I will try this mix again.

Okay..so there you have it.

Being honest… heading to bed…. RIGHT. NOW.

Nighty Night!


Until next time,

See ya on the Random Side,

Aj Luck<3

Aj’s Health Update day 103 Birthday update- raise your glass!

Happy birthday to me!! The gift of health..keeps on giving back... :)

Happy birthday to me!! The gift of health..keeps on giving back… :)

Today is my birthday.

Today is the day I set over 100 days ago to try and achieve my first goal – to be under 200 pounds.

Did I achieve it?

Keep reading if you really want to know…. :0

A few nights ago my husband and I stumbled across a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.

It was one of the most fascinating shows we had seen on the desire to get healthy. (Click on the link to read more about Joe’s journey. It will blow your mind.)

A few days before we saw the show I started praying and asking God to show me what to do to break this insane vicious cycle of eating horrible, wading in waist high (pun intended) guilt, then trying with all of MY strength to get back on program.

I felt like my answer was simply- going back to the basics. I needed to start over. I needed to detox again. Clean the slate and give my body a break. (A. From all the junk and B. From all the self induced stress ABOUT eating all of the junk.)

So here is where my journey will take yet ANOTHER twist.

Today I celebrated my birthday- STRESS FREE with family and friends.

Tomorrow I will begin a juice ONLY detoxing fast. I have a number of days in my head of how long I believe I will do this- yet I am not ready to truly commit the number to the page so to speak…just yet. At least not the FINAL number.

I will tell you I have committed (for all intents and purposes of this blog) to juice fast AT LEAST three days. This will give my body the rest it needs and time to re set.

I will log in tomorrow and tell you what I am drinking, how much and when. I will also let you know how I feel and the effects it’s having..or not having.

In my heart of hearts I believe this is the next step.

I will continue to workout with our trainers.

I will also continue to take my meds, Advocare vitamins and drink WATER only (in addition to the juices.)

**p.s.- the juices I am talking about will be a blend of raw, fresh produce. 80% veggie, 20% fruit. NOTHING processed or store bought. All thrown into my blendtech and poured over ice. :)

As far as did I make my first goal… No. My last weigh in was 212 on my home scale. My starting weight, on the home scale, was 238. Giving me a grand total of 26 pounds loss and 18 inches loss over the last 103 days.

Tonight, I ran across a picture that was taken of myself beside former American Idol contestant, Colton Dixon. This was taken in October 2012.

Colton Dixon and I - October 2012

Colton Dixon and I – October 2012

Now, this is a picture taken literally just before I typed out this post… of me now.


Me- 4/23/13

Me- 4/23/13

Do you see a difference? I still have such a long way to go…but I am still taking baby steps..each and every day!

Until next time,

See ya on the LIQUID (Juicing) Side,

Aj Luck <3

(I have decided the best gift I could give myself was the gift of health.)



Aj’s Health update- day 61- The results are in.

It's time to reveal the official tape measurement results!

It’s time to reveal the official tape measurement results!

Good morning.

Sitting here this morning listening to Nine Lashes, (highly recommend by the way)

and thought I would post the official weight loss results this morning.


Okay- Here are mine:

January 9th, 2013

First day- Official weigh in: 231

Shoulders- 47″

Chest- 50″

Abs/Waist- 46″

Hips- 53″

Thigh- 25″

Arm- 14″

Calf- 17″

RESULTS AS OF 3-3-13 (53 days later)

Weight 221 (lost 10 pounds)- FAT. NOT WATER.

Shoulders- 45″ (-2)

Chest-47″ (-3)

Abs/ Waist- 43″ (-3)

Hips- 50″ (-3)

Thigh- 24.5″ (-.5)

Arm- 13.5″ (.5)

Calf- 16″ (-1)

Total pounds lost: 10 pounds

Total inches lost 13″

During this time I am learning how to eat “clean”- building muscle and toning up.

Sure, I would like the numbers to be higher- but a loss is a loss. I’ll take it.

I have been slacking a bit on recording my daily updates so I will get back on the “wagon” starting tomorrow. Yes, I am still drinking my Advocare Spark and taking my vitamins everyday.

I’m not perfect. I never will be. This is a journey and a process. It is LITERALLY one step at a time.

At least I am stepping forward.

Won’t you join me?

p.s. hubby has lost a total of 20 pounds and 14.5 inches. HE is a rockstar and I am super proud of him!

Until next time,

See ya on the lighter side!

Aj Luck


Aj’s Health update: Day 50-53 Tires, sledgehammers and lunges- YEP!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so…..

Okay- here was our night last night:

This was the workout that greeted us last night. So much for the grace period. It's over- time to get back to work!

This was the workout that greeted us last night. So much for the grace period. It’s over- time to get back to work!


and then this is what happened:

We had to hit the tire with sledgehammers- swinging the sledgehammers...yep. We totally feel it today!!

We had to hit the tire with sledgehammers- swinging the sledgehammers…yep. We totally feel it today!!

and then we had to do this:

We had to bend down in a squat and pick up this tire and flip it over up and down a hill, using only our legs and butt.... O U C H! (This is Tommy in the pic BTW)

We had to bend down in a squat and pick up this tire and flip it over up and down a hill, using only our legs and butt…. O U C H! (This is Tommy in the pic BTW)

and then this:

It may not look like a lot..but it's 50 pounds- doing squats and lifting..yes.. I am sore. Thanks for asking. But I DID IT!!

It may not look like a lot..but it’s 50 pounds- doing squats and lifting..yes.. I am sore. Thanks for asking. But I DID IT!!

We also had to do tricep dip and tummy sit ups and walking lunges. At the end of the workout- hubby made the declaration:

"I have battled and beat anorexia!" said hubby jokingly! Standing with our AMAZING TRAINERS- Shawn and Jenny Albrecht!! :)

“I have battled and beat anorexia!” said hubby jokingly! Standing with our AMAZING TRAINERS- Shawn and Jenny Albrecht!! :)

I just want you to know…we are still pressing through.. Tomorrow, check back- I am going to open my heart and tell you about my take of nutrition, Advocare and the changes it has made for me- already. (2 months in.)

Until next time!!

Love and hugs!! (but go easy eh.. I am sore!! You SAW the workout we did right??) Lol!!

Aj Luck<3





Aj’s Health Watch days 46-47 Brutal honesty

The attacker and the attacked- all within one mind

The attacker and the attacked- all within one mind.

Good morning.

Sitting here this morning from a writing from a Nissan dealership (grateful they have free access to computers and wi fi.)

This post is just going to be bare bones honest. Brutally honest.

I have had a very hard week. I mentioned on my last post that I was struggling with some health issues and eluded to concerns about my depression.

With illness, at least for me, it leaves A LOT of time to think. TOO MUCH time if you ask me.

I am tired. I’m tired of being sick. I’m tired of being sick and tired. I want relief. I went three days on a certain antibiotic only to find out my body was having an adverse reaction. This is never a fun thing. :(

So, the meds got changed.

Some other things changed too.

My routine for one. I went grossly off routine- as I was sleeping most of the day. When I was awake. I wanted comfort. I went into some sort of auto pilot reverting back to my old “comforting habits.” I started waking up in the middle of the night searching the fridge and pantry for something to eat. (Whether it was in my “approved” food or not. )

I ate when I wasn’t hungry. I ate for emotional comfort. I ate tortilla chips. (Yes, the ones made from CORN- something I have tried desperately to avoid.)

I ate almost an entire bag of fig newtons. (don’t ask.)

I stood in the shower this morning, hating myself. Hating the way I have failed. Hating the way I had strayed so far away from my routine.

I realized I have not been eating my meal replacement shakes. I also realized as I was crying in the shower- I had been avoiding any kinds of protein. I was craving, and giving into my addictions to carbs.

I got out of the shower and starred at my reflection. My ugly stretched out, overweight reflection. Yes, my hips may be a little smaller but my stomach feels and looks as if it has grown verses shrank.

I haven’t worked out in almost 2 weeks. I feel miserable. Inside and out.

I went to go to the store yesterday only to find a sliced tire on my car. Now I am at the dealership spending money we absolutely do not have to buy a new one.

I am discouraged. Depressed and not having a good day.

Yes, I went to Arby’s. I ordered 2 jr. roast beef sandwhiches and a small curly fry. I also had a coke.

I hate myself even more.

I hate the battle of trying to get healthy, yet I know it is one I MUST continue to fight.

Just being honest- I mean isn’t what this entire blogging adventure is about… brutual honesty?

Until next time,

See ya on the Random Side,

Aj Luck

Aj’s Health Watch day 33- 36 It’s all about the measurements

It's time to reveal the official tape measurement results!

It’s time to reveal the official tape measurement results!

Good morning!! :)

So, I am officially done with my 24 day challenge. :) YEAH!

I had a little hic cup. I was down for the count for apx. 48 hours due to a massive migraine. During that time, I did NOT take my Advocare vitamins or meal replacement shake.  There was no way I could keep anything down.

It all started friday night. Looking back I can tell you my body went into somewhat of a shock because I simply forgot to drink my water. (according to our trainers you should be drinking at LEAST half of your body weight in water EVERY DAY!) I had clocked in a mere 24 oz. of the day- not good!

The night ended with me getting very sick- VERY sick and crawling home into bed, miserable. I stayed there for the next 24 hours.

Our workouts got cancelled and my last day of my challenge kept getting delayed until I felt better.

Last night we finally made it over to our trainers home to pick up hubby’s second phase of his 24 day challenge. While we were there we were talked into stepping on the scale and getting our official 30 day measurements.

Earlier last week I stepped on my own scale and it reflected a 15 pound loss. I was ecstatic!! But then again, my trainers scale said 5. Either way a loss is a loss.

So we weighed.

Here are the results for me according to our trainers scale and measuring tape:

Starting weight: 231

Current weight: 225

Pounds lost: 6

Inches lost:

Shoulders: 3

Chest: 4

Abs/ waist: 2.5

Hips: 1.5

Thigh: 1.5

Calf: .75

Total inches lost: 13.25 inches

Overall, I am pretty impressed. I have officially gone down from a size 22 to a 20 comfortably. (and I like my clothes to be a little loose.)

I was a little discouraged about the pounds. I guess I had been misled over the aleged “15 pound loss”- however, I had just come out from a MAJOR DEHYDRATION issue. (and if you don’t drink water… it screws everything else up.) Besides, we have been doing a lot of muscle building, and muscle weighs more than fat. :)

We are scheduled to start our workouts again tonight. I am continuing the Advocare vitamins and meal replacement shakes for an additional 2 weeks. I just feel better on them.

Oh- p.s – hubby lost FIVE inches off of his waist and 12 pounds.. (and he is JUST NOW starting the 24 day challenge! I am soo uber proud of him!!!) Total inches he lost was 12.5


If you know me AT ALL, then you know I am NOT an advocate or salesperson to try and “push” any products. HOWEVER, hubby and I have decided to invest in the Advocare company and will begin offering it to any that are interested.

I will post a link to our website at the end of this blog update. Again, for those of you who know us, then you know how long we have struggled with our weight. We truly believe in Advocare for not only the weight loss results we are seing but the HEALTH changes we are feeling!!

Our Advocare Website

Feel free to message us if you have any questions. :)

Until next time,

See ya on the “lighter” side!

Aj Luck